Reiki healing for animals in Camden, North West London

Welcome to The London Reiki Clinic, your trusted destination for holistic healing in Camden, North West London. Our experienced practitioners specialise in Reiki for Animals, offering the same renowned technique to dogs and horses who may be experiencing pain or discomfort. By harnessing the ancient healing energy of Reiki, we aim to bring greater comfort, improved wellbeing, and relaxation to your beloved pets. Our services are designed to promote a sense of self and even facilitate a peaceful transition for animals ready to pass over. Discover the transformative power of Reiki for your furry friends by contacting us today.

Healing and Comfort for Animals: Experience the Power of Reiki

Our unique approach combines the same gentle and healing technique used for humans, specifically tailored to address the pain and discomfort that dogs and horses may be experiencing.

With a deep understanding of the benefits that animals can derive from Reiki, we aim to provide greater comfort, improved feelings of wellbeing, and promotion of relaxation, which can even lead to better sleep.

Our experienced Reiki Master is dedicated to both humans and animals, offering an alternative healing technique that can bring about a greater sense of self and provide a peaceful transition for animals ready to pass over. We believe in the innate healing abilities of Reiki and are honoured to share our expertise with those seeking a natural and holistic approach to wellness for their animal companions.

brown short coated dog on gray couch

Each session lasts 20-30 minutes depending on the animals interaction, and can be given in the comfort of their stable, blanket or bed. Reiki uses gentle hand movements to guide the flow of energy through the body. Animal treatment focuses on pain management, anxiety, stress, long term illness and end of life.


Free Initial Email or Telephone consultation
£50 first appointment and following 20-30 minute appointments
£200 five session block booking
£350 ten session block booking

Discover the power of Reiki for Animals and contact us today at 07896 474323 or fill out the contact form on our website.